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Shultz Sound Bytes

When I am in the Pulpit, I am the Ambassador of Christ declaring war on sin and offering the terms of unconditional surrender to the sinner, rallying the soldiers of Christ to the battle, challenging the cowards to courage, warning the deserters of judgment and flashing the Sword of the Lord in the faces of the enemies of God. That type of mission leaves little room for jesting, which is not convenient. 

When the herd is aheadin' fer the cliff, it t'ain't bad bein' a Maverick!

Darwin is dead and so is evolution.  Pseudo-scientists still worship at its tomb but it shall not rise again. 

Indeed the signature of God is all over His creation but thankfully He did leave a Book and even sent His Son to help us interpet His paintings and sculpture as only the artist can give you the true meaning of his work.  Everyone else can only speculate. 

It was a KJV used to save my soul. It was a KJV that has led me through life's trials and strife. Put a KJV in my casket when I die so if the devil passes by my grave he will still feel the power of the Word of God.

Courage is not standing up when in a crowd of like minds but rather standing alone when the issues demand it!

You can't embrace the Cross and kiss the devil's tail!

Rewriting or ignoring sound doctrine does not achieve the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians.  They come about because we are knowledgeable of and obedient to sound doctrine.  This is why I have felt called as a polemicist rather than an apologist.  If the Church is not sound in doctrine or sound but disobedient they cannot have the proper relationship with Christ that can boldly deliver a powerful apologetic that will put to silence the naysayers, put fear in the rebellious and bring in the lost sheep with love.  That is why we are truly so ineffective in fighting the culture war.  We want to join them, appeal to them, and above all else never offend them.  That kind of watered down apologetic and Gospel will not bring in a true harvest.  It is sickly seed sown in shallow ground and it will bring about a sallow crop of baptism soaked sinners that are tares for the most part and sickly saints at best. 

God never asks, but commands. That does not leave much room for opinion, does it?

Christianity is not about who you were or even are but whom God will cause you to be.
Live your faith and doubt your doubts not live your doubts and doubt your faith. Let your life affect your feelings not your feelings affect your life.

Let the truth you believed in the light guide you through the darkness rather than letting the darkness lie to you about the Light and Truth thus guiding you away from them.

On Tradition - If tradition is truth, treasure it. If tradition is just tradition, trash it.

If you are saved, God has given you at least one spiritual gift and maybe more. You will be absolutely frustrated and unfulfilled until you are exercising that spiritual gift. Pew warming is not one of those gifts. You are called to serve, not sit.

There is a deep theological word for much of what is being taught today. That word is hoo-ha and there is no end of it. Stay in the Word and you will avoid it.
My best friends know when I need a hug or a kick in the pants! Those who don't love me enough to keep me from hurting myself don't really love me and in the end hurt me worst of all.
In reponse to those who claim to be too spiritual to attend the "system" or organized religion - Abdication is not sanctification or edification but rather self-glorification and pontification.
For twenty years I fought against getting a bunch of letters after my name because the only BA that is important means Born Again. The only Masters I need are the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Finally, if the DR in front of my name doesn't mean Divinely Redeemed all is in vain. I finally gave in to gain a hearing but all that and $5.00 will get me a cappuccino at Starbucks. There are more highly educated heretics than you can shake a stick at so I'll stick with the real qualifications to serve that Paul gives in 1 Cor 1:26-31. - Ron Shultz, PWT
On spiritual warfare - One of my favorite comic book heroes says it best, "Nothing is ever easy for Easy Co." Sgt Rock of Easy Co.  If spiritual warfare were easy everyone would volunteer and we would have won the world to Christ by now. But, it is not easy and many are AWOL.  Expect no quarter from your enemy, satan, and spare him no quarter. Fight to win, fight in the power of the Spirit wielding the Sword/Word of the Lord!  Your goal is to take prisoners and set them free not to win the war. Jesus already did that on the Cross. Beg God to cast the prison guards and the commander into the pit but not the prisoners.  Above all, stand! All else is desertion during time of war and high treason against the King of Kings!
We will never get God under a microscope so no matter how much we can prove scientifically salvation will still be of faith for you cannot find God in science. You can see His footprints and thumbprints, yea even a signature on His creation like an artist who signs his piece, but you will never see God unto perfection or completion. He is spiritually discerned by faith and manifested by obedience. Hence those who must see God completely through science will be damned though they hold thousands of pieces of His work in their hands. He is the creator of the puzzle they hold not the puzzle itself.
On evangelism techniques -  Many Christians have a wrong interpretation of 1 Cor 9:22. Paul would not have gotten a tattoo, a Mohawk, piercings etc to witness to a group like that because it would have hindered him in witnessing to other groups. He spoke to them from their frame of reference, like all great teachers, taking them from the known to the unknown but he did not take on their customs and affectations. When I hear stuff like "I'm getting a tattoo and piercings to witness to the Goth/Heavy Metal people!" I just shake my head and wonder where in the world did some of our teachers get such concepts to get kids in such a mess.  2 Cor 6:17 says we come out and be separate calling them to us not meandering about in their muck and mire.  Separation is still a biblical truth.  It is time that the Church return to that practice.

Ministry is about the mission and the masses not mansions or mausoleums.

Incarnation without coronation would still be damnation and reprobation so why the celebration?

Yes, there is pork in the pews that cannot away with true preaching but then again there are plenty of porkers in the pulpit as well that wouldn't know how to preach true to the Word since they have no clue if they have the Word or not! It is thus saith the Scholar not thus saith the Lord. Don't like the fruit? Consider the source!

How could Jesus get tired?  He did not exercise His power on the His body so that He could experience our trials. He could have been like Superman but instead He was the Super God-Man who cared. 

Pornography is not obscenity that is subjective rather it is prostitution, pandering, solicitation and many other illegal activities and should be handled and prosecuted as such. 

Soteriologically there are only two types of people in world, saved and lost.  Sociologically there are only two types of people, the cool and the jerks and they come in all races and both genders.  I like hanging with the cool and I avoid the jerks.

On protestors at a soldier's funeral - As a retired soldier and a Baptist preacher, I find the disruptions at funerals disgraceful.  They are an insult to the family and that soldier who may well share the views of the protestors. Even if they do not they have a right to grieve in peace.  Protest someone who has the power to change things and protest in the ballot box but a funeral is not the place.  The protestors are as as bad as any jihadist.  They are attacking innocent people. They are also bringing reproach upon the name of Christ.  A soldier does not always agree with the politics of his country but he always does his duty. These soldiers died in honor and they deserve to have an honorable funeral. The protestors may have a legal right to do what they have been doing but they certainly have no ethical right and no biblical principle for it. Maybe these folks need to protest less and read their Bible more.  

The Patriot Guard

Unity without truth at its core is an unholy alliance doomed to failure and damnation.

On church dissension -   I have told my paranoid preacher friends that unless God wants you to move you can have a thousand Diotrephes dudes and even more Absaloms in the street and you aren't going anywhere!  You never have to preach the "touch not my anointed" or the "don't go up against God's man" sermons.  When you get to that you should have already left.  God can weed out the dingbats even if  He has to close the church down.  Keep to the Word and your head up as a child of the King but not looking down your nose and you will be just fine.

On patriotism - Patriotism is not about loving your country right or wrong.  It is about loving your country enough to keep it right by protecting it from wrong but always willing to correct it when it is wrong. 

A man of conviction cannot walk with a man of preference.  In the war against Hell a man of preference cannot be counted upon to cover the back of the committed man.  When the battle breaks the man of preference might just prefer to be somewhere else.  The man of preference will lag behind or quit at best and at worst will deter or drag down the man of conviction.  War takes its toll thus the man of conviction may mourn his losses and carry his cross but he must not slow down or retreat even if he loves the man of preference. 

God is a God of failures.  He doesn't have them.  He uses them!  That means he can use you and me!  Praise His name!

I was thinking as I was coming home looking on the "beauty" of God's favorite state that what we find beautiful is really the residue of the flood's judgment that is constantly being reshaped by various means of  destruction; floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc.  This is basically a garbage pile compared to what Eden was like and certainly compared to Heaven and the new earth.  When we see those the thrill and awe will be akin to taking a child out of the paper shacks of  any impoverished country and bringing them into the most beautiful home in your community only a billion times better at least!  Let's not get too attached to this rubbish.   Maybe that is why the Rapture will take place in the twinkling of an eye so that we won't have time to look back like Lot's wife.  Maranatha!

The core problem is that we live in a culture that is looking for the innovative versus the inspired.  We want excitement more than exegesis. Give us 10 easy steps to holiness or the 1 Minute Disciple and we are into it.  Gather up a bunch of ideas that have been preached for years by many men and package it as new and you have the purpose driven craze.  Take a simple prayer and mold it into an evangelical rosary and you can sell millions of books to people who are looking for the thirty day silver bullet to their problems.  Yet, human nature has not changed since the Fall and if I could have access to every sermon preached or book written  over the last two thousand years I would probably find as you would similiar books as I have mentioned and similar attitudes among men.  Our problem is sin and the solution is salvation and discipleship.  Salvation is instant but discipleship is until death or Rapture.  When the bulk of Christians finally accept that and quit seeking after quick fixes we may again see the power of the early church.   Albeit, since we are in an age of apostasy and quite likely in the last days before the Rapture I don't foresee another Great Awakening, but I can pray for one.  Maranatha!


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Last eve I passed beside a blacksmith's door

And heard the anvil sing the vesper chime;

Then, looking in, I saw upon the floor

Old hammers, worn with blasting years of time.


"How many anvils have you had," said I, "

To wear and batter all these hammers so?"

"Just one," said he; and then, with twinkling eye,

"The anvil wears the hammers out, you know."


And so I thought, the anvil of God's Word

For ages, skeptic blows have beat upon.

Yet tho' the noise of falling blows was heard

The anvil is unharmed--the hammers gone.

          --John Clifford


By the power of Truth unchanging
Working in the lives of men,
God did raise a godly movement
From a humble little band.
By His grace He set a fire
Burning well within their hearts,
To dispel the clouds of darkness
Which had come unto these parts.

Through the years of change and challenge
Came the testings not a few
When their faithfulness was threatened,
When they needed to be true!
But the Truth which God had given
They did steadfastly defend
'Gainst the waves of false religion
Which assailed on every hand.

Now the call has come upon them
To prepare the way ahead.
As to Moses came the wisdom
To train Joshua as the head.
Who will keep the fires burning
When their strength has ebbed away?
Who will bear this awesome burden
In this great, momentous day?

Let the one whom God has chosen
Be resolved to take the lead,
With their goal: to keep on doing
What their predecessors did!
Lord most gracious, most abundant,
Grant to us this prayer, we plead,
Grant us sons who will be faithful,
Grant us sons to meet the need!
     - C.S.

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